Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abused by the Internet

Last night I somehow accidentally downloaded malware while looking for haircut ideas. This one was a crafty bugger too, preventing me from going online, throwing errors that looked like they came from Windows, etc. It kept saying my computer was infected and I should buy this antispyware software immediately. Luckily, I have many more computers at home and was able to dig up directions on what to do to get rid of the crud infecting my system.

However, while my computer was going through a scrubdown, it did make me ponder what happens to people who maybe aren't as savvy as I. People like my gma. Would she just have purchased the software? I'd like to think she'd call up my parents or someone to get help, but you never know. The approach must be lucrative enough to keep these shady people in business.

Today I went running and got lost in suburbia. I've been trying to get up to 4 miles this week, and I did out a route on walkjogrun.net to make sure I could hit that number. Unfortunately, while I was running I made a few wrong turns and ended up taking a completely different route, a route that was more like 3.25mi rather than 4. Oh well. I did get to see some fun things while running, like kids playing at the elementary, a house with a bunch of those fake animal statues (why, people?!), etc. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

I've eaten some delicious foods in the past couple of days. The other day I whipped up a super easy salad that was surprisingly delicious. I was inspired by Susan at Fat Free Vegan and her Taco Salad.

C's Taco Salad
- Tomato
- Green pepper
- Red onion
- Garlic
- Jalapeno
- Lime juice
- Cilantro

- Lettuce (your choice, I used red romaine, though any sort of mixed greens would do)
- Avocado
- Spicy vegetarian refried beans

Make a quick salsa out of the first ingredients. I didn't include measurements as it depends on what you prefer and how much you want to make. I used about 1 roma, a fourth of a green pepper, an eighth of a large red onion, 2 garlic cloves minced, fourth of a large jalapeno, a couple of tablespoons of fresh lime juice, and a couple of tbsps of cilantro. Let the salsa marinate for a few minutes.

Put lettuce on a plate. Cut up avocado into chunks and mix in. I also mixed in some cilantro into the greens. Scoop out some refried beans into a bowl and mix it up (sometimes there's moisture at the top of the can that needs to be worked in). Add to the top of your lettuce. Top with salsa. Enjoy!

To make even easier, you could top with premade salsa. The fresh stuff from the grocery would work best, though some from a jar would work too.

This meal was very tasty and very easy to make.

Afterward, I made some almond joy balls, based off of the idea from Chocolate Covered Katie. Very yummy.

Question of the day: Has your computer ever been infected? How bad was it?

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